December, 2015 - The Flatiron Hex is named to the The New York Times 2015 "Best of Theater" section! 

Jean Marie chronicles her time at NISDA with her first blog ever!  

Little Shadow is featured on the cover the Inquirer MirrorWhat a great surprise!

Elephant in the Room gets its start as part of a residency at the Nantucket Island School for Design & the Arts. 

Jean Marie has a blast talking with the guys at Puppet Tears.

You can listen on iTunes Here:  


Highlight from The Flatiron Hex

Wyatt Cenac talks all about doing puppets with Little Shadow for his new Netflix special "Brooklyn".  But thinks have mostly expired, so you'll have to take our word on it.  ("Thanks publications"). Thankfully, Wyatt has not expired.  Thanks Wyatt!

What happened?  We can't recall!

May 30, 2015 - The Flatiron Hex gets rave reviews in The New York Times and is names a "Critic's Pick"!  Link here. 




Highlight from The Joshua Show: Ep. 2