​Bullies are taking over

Gorgonzola Hill,

and only Louisa May Kelly

can stop them.

Transformed by her favorite liverwurst sandwiches, and unstopped by

her boisterous clumsiness,

she becomes the superhero Liverwurst Girl,

sworn protector of bullied kids.

Sausage and Self-esteem! Brats and Brawn! Chorizo and Chutzpah!

(Okay, so her tagline stinks, but she’s working on it.)

WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT:  Created by Jean Marie Keevins and written by Liz Hara, this female-driven creative team tackles the problem of bullying by showing kids how to empower themselves. Utilizing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Programcurriculum, Liverwurst Girl helps kids identify bullying behaviors and gives them the resources they need tocreate a safe school environment.

Working on human only self-produced productions

like the upcoming short film Whiskey Neat,

has pushed Little Shadow Productions  to work not just

with puppets but with

people too!  

What a concept!  


With two short films in post production,

Little Shadow's video arm is well under way.  

We've also just worked on a an upcoming Netflix special!  

Check back for more on that in October.