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Whether you're an aspiring puppeteer or a seasoned pro, we've got the perfect workshops for you.

Discover the world of puppetry with our dynamic signature program, Puppet PLAYground! Join our online platform to learn essential monitor puppetry skills from industry legends – think "Sesame Street," "The Muppets," and "Fraggle Rock" vibes. Whether you choose to join "live" or through the recorded portal, the Puppet PLAYground caters to novices and intermediate puppeteers, creating a space to hone your craft.

Are you ready to take your puppetry to the next level? Dive into our seasonal workshops designed to elevate your theatrical puppetry and puppet building abilities or simply introduce you to some new ideas and techniques.

Don't miss out on our exclusive business classes and group coaching programs tailored for puppet artists. We're here to help you make puppetry a more meaningful part of your life.





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Puppetry Workshops

Monitor Puppet Improv Workshop with Sarah Nolen

In this two session monitor improv workshop, we’ll scratch the surface of puppet improv for the screen! The focus is play: through improvisational exercises, we’ll create characters on the spot, launch into some simple scenework, and use the frame for a laugh.

Let’s play!


Puppet PLAYGround Monitor Classes

10 weeks of live, weekly play and professional development all via Zoom!

2 Guest Hosted Monitor Time Sessions, 3 General Monitor Classes with Tau Bennett, 4 Open Monitor Playtime Practice Sessions, Bonus Recorded Mini-Lessons, Access to our closed Puppet Playground Facebook Group*** and Certificate of completion


Business Workshops

Accountability & Mindset Program

Lessons in this coaching program include video and audio lessons accompanied by downloadable PDF worksheets for practice and reinforcement.


Business Plan Basics for Puppet Artists

Our 9 module program will help you to clarify where you are going for yourself and for others.

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