$350.00 USD

Group Coaching for Puppet Artists 1x Payment

Join our intimate group and start moving forward in your puppet work this fall.

What you'll get:

  • 12 Weeks of Group Coaching
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Access to the private community Facebook Group
  • Access to our growing resource tool kit

All sessions take place on Wednesdays at 6:30pm est from October 2nd - December 18th, 2024 all via Zoom.

What People Are Saying:

Jean Marie brings firm compassion and clarity to her coaching sessions. I felt stalled and she helped me find a path of insight and productivity. When I was in a tough spot (more than once!) during our sessions, she gave me the encouragement I needed to stay focused, the permission to be only mediocre if it didn’t mean giving up entirely, and when things were going absolutely haywire in my private life, the thread to stay connected to a caring creative community. I absolutely would not be where I am today without Jean Marie’s influence

Laurie Everitt