$65.00 USD

Cultivating the Imagination

Tuesday, July 30th &  Thursday, August 1st

at 8pm est

Develop your imagination & unique voice! This workshop hones artists' voices & inspires a strong vision across writing, movement, sound, imagery, objects & space.

This workshop is designed to help develop the imagination and assist participants in honing their own unique voices as artists, directors, storytellers, and auteurs. This workshop is designed to inspire and help participants to develop a strong vision that encompasses all elements of the arts; written word, movement, sound, imagery, object, and space. This workshop is participant centered and will aim to give each artist permission to follow their own belly-buttons, to recognize and trust their own instincts! and thus develop a deeper trust in whole as we leave room for the invisible side of the creative process.

About the Instructor:

Nehprii Amenii is a Brooklyn-based director, playwright, production designer and puppeteer. 

Amenii has a passion for personal narratives, puppetry, and grand-scale spectacle. She is known for creating experiences that dismantle the wall between players and audiences, enchant the imagination and inspire new ways of seeing and thinking. Nehprii has worked with Bread & Puppet Theater, Alvin Ailey, La Mama, Puppet Show Place, The O'Neill,  NY Philharmonic, and more. She is currently in residence with the Drama League and New Victory Theatre. Nehprii is artistic director of Khunum Productions, a platform for creative anthropology.