Little Shadow Productions is dedicated to being useful

during the global Covid-19 Pandemic. 

While we are hard at work building new puppets for some of you, and developing new work with others, our focus has been on sewing face masks and headbands for essential works.  You can follow this effort on Jean Marie's Instagram @jeanmarieny.  Additionally, to support our efforts, we are selling masks to the public at

​Little Shadow Productions is a boutique production company that focuses on,  but is not limited to, puppet-centric productions with a unique vision.

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WHAT WE DO: Little Shadow Productions is a full service production company that specializes in boutique production needs including web, commercials, theater and more. Known for our specialization in the art of puppetry, we offer a broad scope of services to the entertainment industry for any type of project. Whether it’s building a puppet for your next project or creating viral videos, short films, or specialized theater productions, Little Shadow can do it for you, “turn key”. Need a service that you don’t see here? Don’t worry, we love co-productions and are happy to collaborate with others to bring your ideas to fruition! Little Shadow is also available for your consulting and development needs. From pre-production on, we’re there to help make your dreams a reality.


Great Stories 

Unique Aesthetics

Bringing Original Content to New Audiences

Developing New Talent

PUPPETS:  Little Shadow Productions can bring original puppet idea to life. With a wealth of knowledge and a strong focus in puppetry for stage, video and web, we are uniquely positioned to breathe life into your vision. You can count on our producers, directors, designers, builders and performers to be there for you every step of the way and to deliver a top notch product, bar none. Need help understanding how to make a puppets fit into your concept? Not a problem. We can help!

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